The Road to Profit: How Long Does It Really Take For A PPC Campaign To Work?

You ever feel like you're just throwing money into a black hole with your online ads? Watching your budget disappear with no idea if it's actually working or not? Well, lucky for you, in this episode we're ripping the lid off one of the most frustrating questions in digital marketing: How long until this campaign actually starts working? We've got two battle-hardened marketing vets here to break it down for you. Get ready for some straight talk and maybe a couple of harsh truths about the patience, planning, and pure grit required to turn those ad dollars into real money in the bank. No corporate fluff or marketing mumbo jumbo either. Just two guys who have been in the trenches and know what it really takes to be successful with paid advertising in the real world. Strap in and get ready to finally understand what "working" really means for your campaigns and how long you should give it before calling the whole thing a bust. Let's dive in! 0:00 Introduction 1:28 Landon's background 3:27 Discussing the main topic of how long it takes for a Google Ads campaign to work 4:46 Distinguishing between the learning phase and optimization phase 7:10 How bid strategy, budget, and targeting changes can reset the learning phase 11:15 Leading metrics vs lagging metrics in determining if a campaign is "working" 16:33 The importance of patience and sustained success over short-term results 21:40 Allowing time for enough data on lagging metrics like leads to deals 25:18 Google's approach to efficiency and sustainability 29:00 The role of goal setting and tracking leading/lagging metrics Thanks for listening to Collective Clicks!

Ever feel like you're tossing money into a black hole with your online ads, watching your budget vanish with no clue if it’s working? In this episode, we're cracking open one of the biggest mysteries in digital marketing: how long until your campaign actually starts working?


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