Get More Motivated Seller Leads and Close More Deals.

Our proprietary Dynamic Motivation Algorithm delivers 35% more quality leads to investors each month.

Digital Marketing For Real Estate Investors Has Changed Forever.

In the past, running successful digital marketing campaigns in the real estate investment space was straightforward—competition was minimal, and the ad platforms were simpler. Then, Google and Facebook drastically altered their algorithms, and the game changed forever.

Now, successful investors are harnessing the power of machine learning to generate more motivated leads than ever before.

Our Solution: The Dynamic Motivation Algorithm

Bateman Collective’s Dynamic Motivation Algorithm (DMA) is an ever-learning system that monitors the aggregate performance of motivated seller keywords and ads across the Bateman Collective Portfolio. It trains the Google and Facebook algorithms to find the best prospects with every new data point, resulting in more leads, better quality, and more contracts than any competing service.

Our services

Scaleable, intent-driven marketing is the key to exponential growth in the real estate investing space. By leveraging machine learning and millions of proprietary data points, we help you get your business in front of motivated sellers through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, and Microsoft Ads.

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Search Engine Optimization

Microsoft Ads

“Brandon has taken my website from hardly any revenue to $1.4 MILLION in gross assignments this year. It’s my company’s single best channel by revenue, cost per deal, average assignment, and ROI. ”

Cody Hofhine

CEO, Joe Homebuyer

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