The Predictive Data Stacking Method

Meet the proven method that is responsible for $102M in revenue for 200+ investors.

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Collective Data

The Bateman Collective Difference

Predictive Data

Training Google & Facebook algorithms to target high-value sellers

Closed-Loop Data

Using funnel data to drive smarter optimization

What's The Predictive Data Stacking Method?

We thought you'd never ask.

With the Predictive Data-Stacking Method, you can run a better PPC campaign than 95% of investors, using machine learning and aggregated data.

It dynamically predicts which prospects are most likely to turn into qualified leads, contracts, and deals.

That means better ROI, less waste, and a thriving pipeline.

Sounds like magic, right? ✨

It's Not Magic—It's Data

Here's how it works 👇

Closed-Loop Reporting

Your CRM is a goldmine of data—use it to train your digital marketing campaigns.

Improve your campaign lead quality by teaching your digital marketing campaigns which keywords and ads drove appointments, contracts, and deals.

Predictive Bidding

Winners in REI can predict the future, not react to it. We're your crystal ball.

With automated bidding, Google (and Facebook) look at thousands of data points per user, helping you to find who is likely to become a contract based on factors like search history, browsing history, income, interests, employment, and more.

Collective Data

Where the magic happens.

There's a little-known secret in digital marketing—you can train a campaign on the data from other accounts.

When you work with Bateman Collective, you can train your campaigns on the data from $17M worth of data.

If more data equals better results, what kind of results can $17M worth of data get you?You can fill in the gap.


Happy clients (and counting)


In revenue generated


Motivated seller leads generated

Over the last several years, we've been training an algorithm to dynamically predict lead quality on Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

Where other PPC providers stick to manual optimizations or semi-data-driven tactics, we drive transformative results for our clients through machine learning-led strategies.

The result is faster ramp-up times, stronger lead quality, and higher close rates.

I Want These Results!

Our results speak for themselves

“It’s ridiculous the return that we get. And they’re the fattest deals  too, they are the absolute best biggest money making deals we get.”

Chris Burrow
CEO, Maximum Cash Homebuyers

“People ask me all the time who we recommend for PPC and I always tell them Bateman Collective."

Steve Trang
CEO, Real Estate Disruptors

"Now that we've been working with Bateman Collective, we've been getting a steady stream of leads on both Google and now Facebook as well. And our team is super happy every time a new lead comes in."

J.P. Kilduff
CEO, Veteran Land Buyers

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