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Market research

When you join Bateman Collective, we begin the partnership by pulling benchmarks for your market. We review the best keywords, audiences, and messaging for your markets, and tailor our campaigns accordingly.

We review what's worked well in the past for your market, what's working now, and put the best strategy in place for your market.


Determine Your Goals

Once we have a good understanding of the market, we perform a full funnel analysis with you, where we review benchmarks with our client and make sure we are aligned to succeed together.

As part of this process, we enroll you in our Acquisitions Course, where we provide training on how to close 48% more deals.

Your account strategist will partner with you to create a roadmap that you can be excited about—all rooted in data and true expertise.

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Implement our Predictive Data-Stacking Method

Once the foundation of a winning campaign is complete, we are ready to connect your systems to our Predictive Data-Stacking Method. This is where the magic happens.

We integrate your campaigns with our Lead Feedback Database, begin training your campaigns on $17M worth of learnings, and set up systems to predictively optimize for high-quality sellers.


Launch First Campaigns

Now, our team gets to work setting up your campaigns, CRM integration, call tracking, reporting dashboards, conversion tracking, landing pages, the whole thing.

We lied—this might be where the magic really happens.

Before launching, you'll have a kick-off call with your Account Strategist to review what we've built, set expectations, and make sure everything's ready to roll.

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Optimize & Iterate

As we make ongoing micro-adjustments, your feedback and CRM data guide our strategy.

Your Account Strategist will review your funnel performance regularly, make adjustments to strategy as we see what's working, and communicate consistently with you so you know exactly what's going on every step of the way.


Scale, Adjust, Grow

As we start to see early wins, we double down on successes and continue testing.

This is where we figure out what's been driving revenue, where we've seen inefficiencies, and create a long-term roadmap to building your empire.

Third time's the charm—this is where the magic happens.

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Get ready for predictable revenue.

Unlock massive growth for your real estate investing business with our data-driven digital marketing process.

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