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Diversify your marketing and snag low-cost motivated seller leads with Facebook Ads.

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Facebook. Reinvented.

You don't have time for the low-quality leads that other guys drive through Facebook Ads. Luckily, we've cracked the code on this overlooked channel.

Low Competition

Supplement your pipeline with low-cost, qualified leads.

Maximize Your Budget

90% of your site traffic doesn't convert on the first visit—bring them back with retargeting.

Growth Potential

Facebook & Instagram have billions of users, making this channel highly scalable.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Don't put all your eggs in one basket—pair your Google Ads with Facebook for best results.

Our Approach To Facebook Ads

In the REI industry, it's common to approach Facebook like cold calling—get enough leads, and you're bound to get lucky.

Look, we get it. Facebook's reputation has seen better days in the REI industry.

But nobody in the REI industry runs Facebook like we do, because nobody else can train their campaigns on $17M worth of data.

Let's just say the results are jaw-dropping. Think 16 leads per contract on average and exceptional lead volume.

Collage of real estate, data, and digital marketing imagery.

The Perfect Complement To Search

Amplify your Google Ads & SEO campaigns with Facebook.

Peanut butter & jelly, Jordan & Pippen, Google & Facebook Ads. Some things are just better together.

With a Facebook Ads campaign, you maximize the impact of your Google campaign by staying in front of traffic that came to your website without converting.

A one-two punch like no other.

Collage of real estate, data, and digital marketing imagery.

Elite Facebook strategy + machine learning = 💰

Our Predictive Data-Stacking Method makes all the difference

Collective Data

The Bateman Collective Difference

Predictive Data

Training Google & Facebook algorithms to target high-value sellers

Closed-Loop Data

Using funnel data to drive smarter optimization

We train our Collective Data on the ad spend and funnel performance of all Bateman Collective clients, then feed that data into each individual account.

The result? Faster ramp-up times, significantly better lead quality, and higher close rates.

The future of PPC for real estate is here—are you on board?

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Our results speak for themselves

“It’s ridiculous the return that we get. And they’re the fattest deals  too, they are the absolute best biggest money making deals we get.”

Chris Burrow
CEO, Maximum Cash Homebuyers

“People ask me all the time who we recommend for PPC and I always tell them Bateman Collective."

Steve Trang
CEO, Real Estate Disruptors

"Now that we've been working with Bateman Collective, we've been getting a steady stream of leads on both Google and now Facebook as well. And our team is super happy every time a new lead comes in."

J.P. Kilduff
CEO, Veteran Land Buyers

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