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The Land Flipping Millionaire: How Pete Reese Scaled to $20M/Year

Want to know how a former house flipper turned a $50k profit into an $8 million land investing empire in just 2 years? Pete Reese spills all the details - the surprising benefits of land over houses, his unique marketing strategies blending direct mail and pay-per-click ads, how he's automating everything from lead qualification to deal analysis with cutting-edge AI, and the inventive way he's raising millions from private money investors to fuel his ambitious $20 million revenue goal this year. Plus, Pete shares the secrets behind his booming land investing education business, where students can partner with him on deals or learn his step-by-step system. Whether you're just curious about land investing or ready to start building your own land empire, this casual conversation between Pete and his marketing expert Brandon is packed with tons of golden nuggets and real-world insights. No fluff, no hypotheticals - just raw tactics and numbers from someone crushing it. 00:00 - Introduction 01:40 - Pete's Real Estate Journey 07:00 - Land Investing vs Single Family Homes 10:30 - Marketing for Land (Direct Mail vs PPC) 13:45 - Benefits of Direct Mail for Land 16:15 - Adapting Processes for PPC Leads 19:00 - Building an AI Chatbot for Lead Qualification 22:30 - Automating Sales and Marketing with AI 24:30 - Pete's Land Investing Education Business 27:00 - Financing for Land Deals Thanks for listening to Collective Clicks!

Curious how a former house flipper turned $50k into an $8 million land empire in 2 years? Pete Reese spills it all – from unique marketing strategies to automating with AI, and raising millions from private investors.


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