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The Data-Driven Acquisitions Playbook: Tracking and Optimizing Performance

Ever wonder what really separates the good acquisitions teams from the great ones? Skip the corporate BS - this is a raw, unfiltered look under the hood of a 7-figure wholesaling business that's cracked the code. Aaron and Chris pull back the curtain and take you inside their high-octane acquisitions process. From lightning-fast speed to lead to stress testing sellers before making offers. From brutal call audits to instilling the right obsessive mindset. You'll hear surprising truths about when to make offers (and when not to), the real role of lead managers, and how they use a simple "people analyzer" to weed out the wrong fits. If you want an unglamorous, straight-shooting masterclass on building a killer acquisitions team from two guys actually doing it, this is for you. No frills, just firepower for taking your acquisitions game to a whole new level. 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:47 - Measuring Performance of Acquisitions 00:06:18 - People Analyzer and Scorecard 00:10:34 - Contracts per Week Target 00:13:52 - Speed to Lead 00:19:03 - Lead Qualification Process 00:23:29 - Making Offers vs. Not Making Offers 00:26:57 - Role of Lead Managers 00:32:30 - Qualifying Leads on Price 00:36:18 - Stress Testing for the Close 00:39:11 - Importance of Training and Role Play 00:43:04 - Mindset and Core Values Thanks for listening to Collective Clicks!

Curious about what separates good acquisitions teams from the great ones? Aaron and Chris dive deep into their 7-figure wholesaling business, revealing lightning-fast lead strategies, stress-testing sellers, and the real deal on building a killer team.


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