Strategically Target Your Ideal Virtual Market with Robert Wensley and Jerry Norton

In today's video, digital marketing expert Brandon Bateman joins Jerry Norton and Robert Wensley in providing invaluable insights on how to strategically select the ideal virtual market for your business. Going beyond general targeting, you'll discover precise methods to identify and focus on specific high-potential neighborhoods within a metro area. Learn proven techniques leveraging geographic and demographic data to maximize your PPC ROI. If you're ready to get more intentional and strategic with your digital marketing, grab your notebook - this video will transform how you view and approach online lead generation. Let's dive in! 0:00 - Intro 0:39 - Jerry Norton introduces the topic of choosing a virtual market 1:21 - Robert Wensley talks about balancing number of markets vs operational complexity 2:35 - Brandon suggests starting with a smaller number of markets like 3-6 to "audition" 3:44 - Discussion of defining a market - metro area vs county vs city 5:11 - Example of misdefining a market by just using the city name 6:40 - Targeting strategy using satellite imagery to find dense housing areas 8:53 - Mention of InvestorLift's market data toolkit 12:40 - Importance of being strategic and intentional with PPC efforts

Ready to transform your digital marketing game? Join us as expert Brandon Bateman teams up with Jerry Norton and Robert Wensley to reveal strategic secrets for pinpointing high-potential neighborhoods that maximize your PPC ROI. Grab your notebook—this video is a game-changer!


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