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Recession-Proof Investing: How to Thrive with Creative Financing Strategies-Chris Prefontaine

Fed up with the same old real estate advice? Tired of battling banks and jumping through hoops? This episode is for the contrarians looking for a new way to build wealth without mortgages. Chris Prefontaine pulls back the curtain on his innovative "three paydays" system that allows you to acquire properties with little or no money down. You'll learn creative financing strategies like owner financing and buying subject-to that can net you exponential returns compared to flipping or wholesaling. Chris shares straight-shooting insights from his 33 years in the trenches, including how he engineered his business to thrive through the 2008 crash (while others went bust). He'll convince you that taking out a personal loan for a property is straight-up crazy in 2023. Listen as Chris maps out realistic paths for cash-flowing rentals, paying zero percent interest, and building long-term wealth - all without the shackles of traditional bank financing. If you want the no-BS truth about creative real estate investing, this is a must-listen episode. 0:00 - Introduction 0:45 - Welcoming Al Nicoletti 2:00 - Al's background in probate real estate 5:55 - How long probate deals typically take 10:08 - Finding the right probate attorney 13:11 - Common reasons investors pass on probate deals 16:15 - Key questions to ask sellers about probate deals 19:07 - Reasons probate deals blow up 22:25 - Protections for investors if seller ghosts 25:03 - Benefits of Al's payment structure 27:17 - How to contact Al Thanks for listening to Collective Clicks!

Looking to break free from traditional real estate constraints? Join Chris Prefontaine as he unveils his "three paydays" system for acquiring properties without mortgages, sharing insider strategies from over three decades in the industry.


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