One Exit Strategy to Rule Them All: Eric Lyman on Dominating Novations

Eric Lyman is a visionary real estate investor who leverages the Novation model and cutting-edge technology for a sustainable competitive edge. As co-founder of Impact House Buyers, his focus on constant improvement and transparent sales processes powers their growth. Eric's passion extends to empowering others through his Investor PowerUp training program, designed to help new real estate wholesalers reach their full potential. Through leadership, innovation, and a commitment to giving back, Eric is helping shape the future of the industry while building a legacy of empowered entrepreneurs. In this episode, Eric Lyman shares his laser-focused approach to real estate investing via novations. Specializing in this single exit strategy, he reveals his systems for structuring virtual novation deals nationwide. Eric discusses managing risk, working with remote realtors/contractors, and leveraging the MLS. He unpacks his lean two-person business model, key metrics, and lifestyle goals behind this simplified operation. A must-listen for novation mastery.

Eric Lyman, co-founder of Impact House Buyers, uses the Novation model and technology to drive growth. His Investor PowerUp training program empowers new wholesalers, shaping the future of real estate with innovation and leadership.


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