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High Intent Leads: Is Your List Right for Facebook and Google Ads?

Sick of wasting time and money trying to target your lists online? Join Brandon and Garret as they give you the real deal on what works and what doesn't. They'll explore targeting tips, lookalike audiences, geo-fencing, attribution models, and more. You'll get actionable strategies to use your existing data for better digital marketing. If you're new to online ads or a seasoned pro, you'll pick up practical targeting tips from these down-to-earth friends in the lead gen biz. They dish on the risks of overvaluing programmatic ads, flaws in attribution models, and how to identify higher intent leads. Looking for motivated seller leads? Don't miss their insider scoop on actually making your lists and databases work for your digital marketing. 00:00 - Intro and greeting 01:05 - Discussion starts on targeting lists for digital marketing 02:34 - Targeting by contact info vs property address 04:20 - Targeting lists on Facebook 06:47 - Lookalike audiences 09:02 - Using customer match lists on Google 10:42 - Geo-fencing and addressable targeting 13:21 - Firmographic vs psychographic targeting 16:21 - The risks of overvaluing programmatic advertising 19:48 - Attribution models and their flaws 23:46 - Using online data to build lists for other channels 26:55 - Reverse IP lookup services 30:20 - Qualifying website visitors for higher intent leads 32:56 - Wrap up

Tired of wasting money on online targeting? Join Brandon and Garret as they share practical tips to maximize your digital marketing efforts, from refining audience targeting to converting leads effectively. Whether you're new or seasoned in online ads, this episode will revolutionize your approach to lead generation.


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