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Optimizing Facebook Ad Placements to Improve Lead Quality

Unlock the secrets to snagging top-notch leads on Facebook: skip the junk zones, master the feed, and reel in motivated sellers like a pro!

As a real estate investor, the quality of leads you get from Facebook ads is critical. After all, you want to find motivated home sellers - not people looking to rent or buy. The placements you choose for your Facebook ads control who sees your ads and can make a huge difference in lead quality.

When running Facebook ads for your real estate investing business, stick to these placements:

Facebook and Instagram Feeds

The Facebook News Feed and Instagram Feed should be the core placements for your ads. These allow your ads to be seen by active users seamlessly mixed in with regular posts.

Users are primed to browse and engage with content in their feeds. They'll have time to fully read and understand your ad in this natural social media scrolling environment. You'll be able to reach potential motivated sellers who may relate to and respond to your message.

Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels

Stories and Reels are a high-impact, engaging ad format on Facebook and Instagram. Users actively click through Stories, and Reels auto-play as they scroll.

These video ad units tend to have higher visibility and interaction rates compared to static image ads. Audiences stay focused while viewing, so you can communicate your value proposition clearly. Stories and Reels are ideal for catching attention with eye-catching content.

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Avoid Facebook Audience Network

While it's tempting to cast a wide net, stay far away from the Facebook Audience Network. This encompasses third-party websites and apps outside of Facebook itself.

The Audience Network tends to have much lower quality traffic and leads. There is often more spam and irrelevant responses. Since Facebook has less oversight on these placements, fraudulent leads are also more common.

Stick to placements that Facebook has full control over - their owned-and-operated platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Don't rely on outside network inventory.

Steer Clear of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another placement to avoid. People browsing Marketplace may be looking to rent or buy a home - not sell. Their mindset is different.

The leads from Marketplace also tend to be more impulsive. There is less time and space to communicate the details of your offer with proper ad copy. Since the context is shopping for homes, your message may get lost.

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Monitor Closely as You Scale

When running Facebook ad campaigns, it's important to optimize placements from the very start. However, you also need to monitor the network closely as you scale up your budget.

Often the poor quality placements like Audience Network can generate clicks and leads very cheaply. As you pump more budget into your campaigns, Facebook's algorithm may start shifting spend toward those placements, since they deliver metrics like leads at low costs.

Keep a very close eye on your placements as budget increases to prevent this. Make sure you already have enough data to optimize out poor lead sources early in your scaling journey. Having tight placement controls will ensure lead quality stays high month after month.

Experiment and Optimize

There is some trial and error involved in finding the best placements for your Facebook ads. Start with a wide range of options across Facebook and Instagram. Monitor lead quality from each placement closely.

Look at conversion metrics - how many leads or contacts does each placement generate? What are the costs associated with each? Tweak your placement mix and budget allocations based on the data.

Double down on placements that give you the highest conversion rates and lowest cost per lead. Cut back on or eliminate placements that don't perform. Optimization takes vigilance, but the payoff of fantastic lead quality is worth it.

By choosing the right placements for your Facebook ads, you can connect with far more motivated sellers in your target market. Avoid lead sources with spam and irrelevant responses to keep quality high as you scale. Follow these placement optimization best practices for Facebook ad success.

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