Our Process

We use proven systems to combine the artistic and scientific aspects of marketing. The result is industry-leading return and consistent risk mitigation.
Step 1

Determine Focus

The goals of the agency must be aligned with those of the executive leadership. We’ll meet with management to determine a strategic focus and what makes your business tick. After, we will identify key performance indicators upon which we will put our focus.
Step 2

Gain Strategic Insight

Our team will use all available resources to begin work with a thorough understanding of the persona who is to be influenced by our marketing campaign. From primary and secondary data, to focus groups and interviews, our data scientists will compile the necessary data and use it to form a strategic insights report.
Step 3

Develop content

Utilizing the strategic insights report, our creative team will develop content and messaging to appeal to the target persona. This may include blog posts, photos, videos, ads, webpages, or anything else necessary for the specific focus.
Step 4

Build the action plan

Creative and analytical come together in this stage. Utilizing experts in applicable marketing skills and big-picture leadership, assumptions and controllables will be identified, and results will be forecasted. An action plan will be created and approved by executive leadership.
Step 5

Test the market

Utilizing multi-variant testing and predictive analytics, small-scale tests will be executed to gauge the reaction of the market. Insights will be collected, and winning sources, assets, and messaging will be identified.
Step 6

Scale and adjust

Campaigns are carried out at scale by professionals in all applicable practices, and results are reported. Data will be measured, and practices will be altered accordingly.

How can we help you overcome marketing challenges?

We offer a range of services to help your company find, engage, and convert customers.

Flexible framework for creative marketing innovation

Our process is designed to be a framework that fosters superior results for our clients. Rather than focusing on applied tactics and fads, we focus on the process and cultural development that creates impactful initiatives – all while being aware of trends and new developments. For our clients, that means next-level campaign management, industry-leading results, and first-mover strategic advantages.

E.      brandon@batemancollective.com
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A.    3900 N Traverse Mountain Blvd Suite 204, Lehi, UT 84043

E.      brandon@batemancollective.com
T.      +1 (407) 430-2576
A.    3900 N Traverse Mountain Blvd Suite 204, Lehi, UT 84043